Nutrition is the cornerstone of good mental health.  This is why it's one of the first things I talk with my clients about when they start to work with me.  Nobody is perfect, least of all me, but... Read More >

[video src="" width="100%" height="350px" border="no" type="youtube"][/video] Dr. Nadine Burke Harris is a pediatrician who explains repeated stress of... Read More >

Once upon a time there were two researchers, Prochaska & DiClemente. (If you can't already tell, I'm in a bit of a silly mood at the moment.) They were smart people who did research and read... Read More >

CRAFT is a program that teaches people who love a person with an addiction how to walk the delicate balance of loving and accepting your loved one for all of who they are right now, including their challenges Read More >

I want to let my current clients know that my work cell phone number is now connected to service provided by a company by the name of 8x8, instead of Google Voice.  What this means for you is that... Read More >

The following TED Talk in this post is another video of Dr. Dweck, this time addressing some of the do's and don'ts for how to parent or teach (or, I would argue, live your life) in a way that... Read More >

The Crime Victims’ Center of Chester County, Inc. provides free and confidential services to victims and their family members and significant... Read More >