International Bullying Prevention Association

The International Bullying Prevention Association provides resources, training, and information regarding the prevention of bullying, pulling from the latest in scientific research.  Periodically, they host webinars that are geared towards parents and educators, for free!  You can register to participate when it is happening live or, if you are a member (which costs $25 at the time of this post), you check out their webinar archives at your leisure.  Additionally, they host an annual conference to discuss the latest research and programs that are being used successfully.

Assert Yourself!

Feeling like you have the ability to speak up and effectively express your thoughts and opinions in a respectful way, even if things don’t always go your way, is an important part of relieving anger, anxiety, and depression. The ability to be assertive is a skill that can be learned and developed, so if this is hard for you now, it doesn’t mean it will be forever.  (Remember…Growth Mindset!)

The Centre for Clinical Interventions is an Australian-based agency/website that appears to be connected to their government services.  It has resources to help people to learn/improve many different mental health related skills.  One such resource is their Assert Yourself! workbook. It is a series of modules that teach you what assertiveness is compared to aggressiveness or passiveness and then moves on to teach you skills so that you can learn how to assert for yourself, even in challenging situations.  Leaning how to communicate assertively can actually be a life-changing skill because you are more likely to be able to get your needs met and you are better able to diffuse/avoid potential conflict with others.  The website recommends that you complete one module before going on to the next.  Each module includes information, worksheets, and suggested exercises or activities.

Career/College Planning: O*Net Online

A not-for-profit website that pulls together government data about the jobs in our country and people who are working in them so that you can surf around to learn things like what jobs in the United States.  There’s a page where you can view lists of suggested careers that might be a good match with the skills that you have.  Or, you can research details about specific careers that you are interested in.  And, you don’t even have to know what you want to do!  You can do a keyword search (ex. “legal assistant”), browse lists of careers within an industry (of course, “Health and Counseling” is my favorite!), or you can answer a bunch of questions and let the website make some suggestions about what you might enjoy.

Before you invest your money and time into education or training, wouldn’t it be nice to know details like:

  1. What kind of education or training with I need to get a job in this career?
  2. What can I expect to get paid in a job like this?  (Keep in mind that these numbers are averages so some people make more and some make less.  Part of this depends on how much experience you have, so if you are fresh out of school, expect to make less than average.  Part of this depends on where you live.  Expect to be paid more in areas that have a higher cost of living and less in more remote, less affluent areas.)
  3. Will it be difficult or easy to find a job in this profession?  If it is a “growing” profession, that means that it is expected that there will be more jobs opening up, creating a higher need for people with this training.  If the industry is “shrinking,” then it’s more likely that the job market is already flooded with people who have these skills and it will be tough to find a job.

This website can help you learn all of this and more.