How to Use This Site

Information on this website can be explored in two different ways.  There are “Resource Index by Topic” pages organized by general topic for people to look over.  You can access these topic pages by hovering your mouse over this menu item in the top, pink bar in the header of the website.  Click on a topic and check out the lists of resources that are available, which are organized within tabs for different media sources such as websites or videos.  There are links to websites, YouTube videos, TED Talks, podcasts, as well as book reviews.

You can use the search field located on the “Welcome!” page of the site to look for key terms.  Additionally, this website uses tags (same idea as hashtags) to organize the content.  You can see a list of popular tags in word cloud found on the right side of the pages.  And, you will notice that at the end of each post, there is a list of tags that are relevant to the post you just read.  If you click on any of these tags, you can see a list of other posts that have been tagged with the same term.

Keep in mind, as you check out the resource posts and articles, that not all things work for all people. We are all unique individuals. Trust your gut if an idea doesn’t seem right for you. When in doubt, don’t do it. If possible, bring the idea to your own licensed therapist and consult with them about whether they think it is something that you would benefit from.

I do my best to keep an eye on things around here but, if you come across a link that no longer works, feel free to let me know using the contact form. I want to keep the content as fresh and relevant as possible. Additionally, should you come across a resource that you think might be helpful to others, pass it on to me to check out.  I love learning about new resources!

Best wishes,