Here is a collection of some of the things that remind me of the good in the world and the delight that can be found in life’s little moments.  Especially on days that have been tough for one reason or another, I find that these images, videos, and articles bring me back, at least for the moment, to feelings of peace and joy.  I thought I would share some of my favorites.  Many of these have been forwarded on to me by special people in my life who understand how much I benefit from them.  I hope that they give you pleasure too.  🙂

    Teen with new bike.

    This teenager was walking for hours to and from job — until a police stop changed his life– Jourdan Duncan, 18, would walk 2 hours to and 2 hours from his work.  One day, a police officer stopped him on the highway.  He was so shocked by Jourdan’s dedication, he got the board to give him a bicycle.  Read about Jourdan and his surprise here!

    Runner with his loyal companion.

    Stray dog wins hearts — and new home — after following man through 155-mile ultramarathon– A man running the Gobi March Ultramarathon soon found himself joined by a little dog he nicknamed Gobi.  Gobi and Dion- the guy she followed- ran every day together.  Read more about Dion and Gobi here!

    Note: The girls are actors but the adults aren’t aware and step in to help.

    Note: The boy is and actor but the adults aren’t aware and step in to help.

    Growing Older
    Dont regret older