ADHD: ADDitude

(PLEASE READ my cautionary note at the end of the description in this post.)

This website is chock full of ideas and resources.  I like it because it provides information in quick, easy to digest chunks, perfect for the ADHD soul.  You can subscribe to enewsletters that will send out information on specific topics.  They also offer free webinars presented by people who work with individual with ADHD or have it themselves.

I find that this site is really a great way to begin to familiarize yourself with how the ADHD brain works and what approaches and strategies can be the most helpful in coping with some of the challenges the ADHD brain can present. It also does this in a way that celebrates the strengths of ADHD brain, which I really like.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: I admit that I have mixed feelings about this website.  I’m listing it because it does provide access to a lot of wonderful information.  However, the advertisements have a heavy push to encourage people to spend hundreds of dollars on “ADHD Coaches.”  I have no experience with anyone in that line of work.  I do know that there is no licensure for ADHD coaches so you would have to do your own investigation to make sure that, should you ever choose to try that option, you are working with someone who is skilled and worth the money.  I don’t find that it is necessary to have an ADHD coach to be able to work through some of the challenges that having ADHD can present, however I don’t rule out that they can be helpful in the right circumstances.  Self-education, trial & error, working with a licensed professional (which insurance will often pay for), these are all things that can promote growth and change without such a large expense as paying out of pocked for a coach.