Podcast: Optimizing Brains by Dr. Kristen Allott, Naturopathic Physician

I am a big fan of Dr. Allot’s work.  I have been providing her information to my clients for years now, and it has played a significant role in how I work with clients who come to me with anxiety, depression, and ADHD-like symptoms.  I just discovered that she now has a podcast and is releasing information to the public.  I’m excited!!!  The bottom line is that providing our bodies regularly with enough nutritious food, namely enough protein and complex carbohydrates can go a long way in helping to bring panic, worry, sadness, and focus/prioritization back into manageable proportions.

I still need to listen to more of them but some of my favorites are:

How What and When You Eat Affects Anxiety – Episode 9 – Optimizing Brains and Bodies

This is an excerpt from a longer seminar in which Dr. Allott explains the physical causes of anxiety , fatigue, agitation, insomnia and sugar cravings. It explains the way your body reacts to the different fuels, or foods, you consume throughout the day. Instead of addressing food in terms

The Importance of Eating Breakfast – Episode 4 – Optimizing Brains and Bodies

In the April Connectors Group we discussed how to deal with some of the challenges that come up when connecting with friends, family and colleagues.

Experiment: 3 Days of Protein – Episode 10 – Optimizing Brains and Bodies

Studies show that our ability to concentrate, have self control, assess a situation, and creatively problem solve for good decision making is determined in large part by the physical resources our brain . This is an excerpt from a longer seminar in which Dr. Allott explains how